Decafinition 253 - Honduras Honey Decaf - Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee

Sometimes you want to “Embrace the Brew” but without the ignition.

The honey process allows for the sweetness to come through and the mountain water process organically removes the caffeine with pure mountain water. It is a single origin coffee grown and harvested by the De La Finca Marcala Collective in Marcala, Honduras. It then took a trip to Descamex in Mexico for the decaffeination process and roasted by Poppets Coffee in Dayton, Ohio. The medium roasted beans provide tasting notes of Citrus and Chocolate.

Usually coffee is decaffeinated by a solvent that draws out the caffeine. However, this decaf uses a water saturation process which organically removes the caffeine with pure mountain water from Pico de Orizaba in Mexico.

Fifty5 Rivers is excited about this brew because it combines two of our favorite processes, honey process and mountain water process. “A sweet and flavorful coffee. Pour some with dessert after dinner or anytime caffeine isn't needed.”

What is special about our packaging?

  • Easy to open, easy to carry
  • Fridge-friendly and quick-chilling
  • 80% reduced carbon footprint over glass bottles

*Due to the nature of ready to drink cold brew, this cold brew coffee can only be picked up or delivered, shipping is not available.

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