Delivery Information

History on delivery

Since we are not your typical coffee shop, our delivery requirements are naturally different compared to your typical coffee shop.  Before we could offer delivery, we needed to solve a few challenges. 

  1. Keeping our product cold during delivery
  2. Syncing up our online inventory with the delivery service
  3. Being environmentally friendly when it comes to our packaging

Through various temperature studies using a variety of combinations of freezer gel packs and packaging, we selected packaging components that allows us to meet our objectives. 

Since our brewing process takes hours, we need to make sure a delivery order is not created when no stock exists. We are all about the experience and never want to disappoint a client by not having ready to drink cold brew available after they ordered it.

Our packaging

Our cold brew needs to stay at 37 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. Our packaging gives us a 60 minute window for delivery and includes a reusable bag and a 32 oz. freezer gel pack. Together we call it the "Cold Brew Bank". Just like a river bank keeps the water contained, our bank keeps our cold brew cold.

Our "Cold Brew Bank"
The reusable bag is yours to reuse as much as you'd like. Our freezer gel packs are unique. They are also reusable, if you decide to dispose of the freezer pack. The gel contains an all-natural drain cleaner which, when poured down the drain, generates zero clogs. Also the gel is Nitrogen rich and can be used as plant food.


Our delivery service

Since we are small business, we are not able to afford our own delivery drivers at the moment. Given our objectives, we needed to find a system that integrates with our inventory system. We were able to find such integration with 

How the delivery windows work

Delivery windows are the best option of getting our brew to you within a certain timeframe. Our goal is for the driver to directly hand you our ready to drink cold brew so you can drink it promptly or refrigerate it to enjoy later. Our integration with allows you to pick a 2 hour delivery window. For example, if you select a delivery window of 9 to 11 AM, according to Roadie, the earliest it would be picked up from The Innovation Lab is 9 AM. The delivery is due by 11 AM. This is where we have a little control on when the delivery will occur as it depends on how many drivers are available through at the time.