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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee

Now part of our River Series Cold Brew Coffee, this ready to drink Cold Brew Coffee is a smooth single origin brew. You may experience notes of strawberry, blueberry and light lemon. It is from Ethiopia and is lightly roasted by Orion Coffee in Springfield. Orion Coffee describes their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe as their most popular Single-Origin coffee. Yirgacheffe is a small region located within Sidama in southern Ethiopia. Orion also has a coffee shop in Cedarville and Jamestown, OH.

This River Series will be on the shelf through August 9th (while supplies last), and won’t be back until 2023.

What is special about our packaging?

  • Easy to open, easy to carry
  • Fridge-friendly and quick-chilling
  • 80% reduced carbon footprint over glass bottles

*Due to the nature of ready to drink cold brew, this cold brew coffee can only be picked up or delivered, shipping is not available.

*For more information regarding delivery