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Leticia Lopez - Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee

This River Series ready to drink Cold Brew Coffee is a smooth, natural process brew served in a to go pouch. This single origin is a direct trade coffee from Finca La Unica, the sister farm of Finca Terrerito in Copan, Honduras, produced by Leticia Lopez Hutchins and lightly roasted by Purebred Coffee in Troy, Ohio. Leticia Lopez coffee is a natural processed coffee that is “dried on raised beds and is full of fruit flavor with a wine-like feel. It’s a bright and well balanced cup”. This light roast bean provides tasting notes of Strawberry Jam, Wine, and Peach.

Our friends at Purebred Coffee Co. had the privilege of meeting Leticia and her husband Harry Hutchins in 2018 when they visited the café in downtown Troy in 2018. Leticia is a 5th generation coffee farmer and owner of her own coffee farm in Honduras. Learn more about Leticia and her story.  At Fifty5 Rivers we are all about positive connections and love to see the same between the roasters we use and the farmers that produce the highest quality beans.

What is special about our packaging?

  • Easy to open, easy to carry
  • Fridge-friendly and quick-chilling
  • 80% reduced carbon footprint over glass bottles

*Due to the nature of ready to drink cold brew, this cold brew coffee can only be picked up or delivered, shipping is not available.

*For more information regarding delivery

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