Santa Lucia Honduras - Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee

This guest series ready to drink cold brew coffee is a smooth brew that is a washed processed and organically produced bean, and is served in a ready to-go pouch. It is a single origin from Honduras in the Tres Piños, Comayagua region, produced by Raul Rodriguez and is a medium roast as part of the Tinker Coffee Co. ARC series (these coffees feature a slightly heavier roast profile, perfect for fans of traditional dark roasts). This medium roast bean provides tasting notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and red apple.

“Producer Raul Rodriguez is known by many as “the son of Don Ermenegildo Rodriguez.”  Don Ermenegildo was one of the biggest coffee innovators of his time and helped introduce the world to exotic varietals such as Yellow Bourbon, Typica, and Caturra.  While Raul carries on his father’s farm, his name, and his love for innovation, there is much more to be said about the unique producer Raul is becoming.

His new farm, Santa Lucia Reserve, is certified organic.  Here he employs around 75 pickers during coffee harvest season along with the 15 permanent workers that live on the farm with their families. As a socially conscious coffee producer, Raul pays his workers the highest salaries in the region and he even donated part of his profits from all of his direct sales last year to help rebuild the local school.

Santa Lucia, perfectly planted in Montaña de La Choca atop a national mountain reserve, is surrounded by a cloud forest full of exotic wildlife. The well-defined seasons in this region contribute to the high quality of specialty coffees. The rainy season results in beautiful cherries, and the clear, dry season allows the producers to sun-dry their coffee once it is washed. The high altitude, richness of the clay, soil, and warmth of the sun ensure that the integrity and quality of the beans are preserved from beginning to end.

Tinker Coffee Co was first introduced to Santa Lucia and Raul through Nelson Amador, founder of De La Finca Coffee Importers. Raul is Nelson’s grandfather, and his experience with the farm and the quality of coffee made the decision to work together an easy one.”

Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew supports what Raul Rodriguez stands for and is proud to use his high-quality beans in our cold brew coffee.

What is special about our packaging?

  • Easy to open, easy to carry
  • Fridge-friendly and quick-chilling
  • 80% reduced carbon footprint over glass bottles

*Due to the nature of ready to drink cold brew, this cold brew coffee can only be picked up or delivered, shipping is not available.

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