Retail Hours: Please review our journal for our brewing schedule and retail hours for the Winter Season.

Retail Hours: Please review our journal for our brewing schedule and retail hours for the Winter Season.

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2023 into 2024 Winter Season Schedule for Beverages and Shipping

Thank you for supporting Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew and Fifty5 Rivers BARge. This BARge season has been the best so far!  As BARge season is quickly ending for the season (the trailer does not operate in cold weather), we turn our attention back to retail and initiatives for 2024.  

We are approaching the time of year when our business sees a significant downturn in brew being purchased. This year we plan to be open once a month through April 2024.  Like last year, we will gauge the interest of brew production via our Beverage Request Form.  

The difference this year is we will only brew IF there are enough requests to do so. Last year, we brewed even if the requests were few, trusting that we could move some of the product. On occasion most of the excess brew was never sold which means we lost money overall. 

We WANT to brew for you, but it must make financial sense to do that.  Unfortunately, there are times it is cheaper to remain closed and divert our attention to other initiatives when there is not enough interest in producing our cold brew beverages in the off season. Our equipment requires a certain minimum amount of brew or it will not function properly, this is one reason we need a certain amount of requests.

HELP US BREW FOR YOU!!! Share about our Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew and other beverages with your family and friends. The more people who submit requests and buy our brew the more we can ensure our Winter Season brewing schedule will be met.

During the Winter months, we will continue to research and implement initiatives to improve our operations at our Innovation Lab and on BARge II. In addition, we will use this downtime to perform annual maintenance on our brewing equipment and the facility. Most importantly, we take this time to spend with our friends, family and each other. 

This Winter Season we are planning to be open during the following weeks:

  • 12/13/23
  • 01/10/24
  • 02/07/24
  • 03/13/24
  • 04/17/24

This means beverage request forms will be due by the following dates:

  • 11/29/2023
  • 12/27/2023
  • 01/24/2024
  • 02/28/2024
  • 04/03/2024

** IF you select multiple dates on ONE form the products ordered will remain the same for each month. If you like to change up what you get, please use a different request form for each date**

Schedule permitting, we can be available by appointment as well. Please call us to arrange a time.

And as always, if you see one of our cars in the parking lot you are welcome to stop in. If the door is locked, you will need to call or ring the doorbell. If we are not in a meeting, we'll be happy to come down. If it is an off week, we cannot guarantee we will have brew and recommend you call first.

We start our Winter Season schedule after November 18th, 2023.  We will be with family from Thanksgiving through Sun., Nov. 26 and out of the office from Nov. 27-Dec. 3. We will be closed until December 13th.

We will maintain the following hours the weeks we are open:

  • Wednesday - 11 AM till 5:30 PM
  • Thursday - 11 AM till 5:30 PM
  • Friday - 11 AM till 5:30 PM
  • Saturday - 11 AM till 1:00 PM
  • Also by appointment

Shipping will typically follow the same schedule as our off-season retail hours.

For the latest brewing information and retail hours please refer back to this Journal or monitor our Social Media and/or our Google My Business listing.

To request our beverages please use this form.