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We believe in living our values. 

  • Reliability offers us the chance to be a pillar in our community. As we teach our leaders to stay committed to their responsibilities, we intend to stay committed to our clients, employees, vendors, and the youth we mentor.
  • Inspiration isn’t always a naturally occurring ingredient. We strive to push ourselves and our creativity to provide powerful and empathetic leadership to our community, even when we face challenges.
  • Value is in the service we provide. We intend to serve our community with everything we’ve got. We resolve to nourish, empower, and develop our youth to become the best they can be.
  • Education is crucial to the self-improvement we encourage. We’re determined to provide top-tier leadership training through our community of peers and mentors. We intend to teach future leaders how to be self-aware, how to communicate, and how to listen.
  • Respect is our top priority. Whether it’s the future leaders who have taken on the Fifty5 Life or the environment that allows us to provide our community with ethical cold brew, we will communicate and live by our respect.

 We are currently in partnership with the follow local organizations:

  • Mike's Bike Park
Mike's Bike Park

Learn more about our partnership.




  • Miami Valley Mountain Bike Association 
    Miami Valley Mountain Bike Association




  • Miami Valley Dance Center 

Miami Valley Dance Center