Retail Hours: Please review our journal for our brewing schedule and retail hours for the Winter Season.

Retail Hours: Please review our journal for our brewing schedule and retail hours for the Winter Season.

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What is a Fifty5er? What does it mean to lead a Fifty5 Life?

In the simplest terms, a Fifty5er is a leader. Fifty5ers are constantly after improvement and simple doesn’t always cut it with us. We lead with everything we’ve got. We are the kind of people who strive to live a purposeful, fulfilling, and passionate life; otherwise known as the Fifty5 Life.

Like a boulder in the river, a Fifty5er is a sturdy and unmoving pillar for their community. Fifty5ers resolve to commit ourselves to their responsibilities and to follow-through while staying dedicated to their passions. A Fifty5er is determined to be authentic in all aspects of life, including school, work, sports, or in their personal lives.

>Like the minerals in the river, a Fifty5er brings value and nurture to their community. Fifty5ers are empathetic leaders and active listeners; constantly working to better understand the perspectives of others. We strive to include and embrace.

Like the riverbed, a Fifty5er grows from a foundation of leadership education. Fifty5ers acknowledge that our actions define us and that we are responsible for our own life. We strive to be transparent, decisive and humble, and to build our own confidence. A Fifty5er takes the time to reflect on oneself constantly, using self-awareness as a tool to understand the world as a whole.

Like the gentle flow of the river, a Fifty5er is respectful of our environment and those around us. Fifty5ers communicate our respect with humor and transparency. We know how to express ourselves with clarity, so everyone can understand both what is being said and how we feel.

Like the sparkle of the river, a Fifty5er inspires. Using creativity, we seek resourceful solutions and embrace multiple perspectives to achieve a fulfilling resolution. A Fifty5er dedicates themselves to creativity and mastering creative solutions for the betterment of oneself, others, and the environment.

Living with these ideals means you’re living the Fifty5 Life: a life of commitment, creativity, clear communication, empathy, and self-awareness. The Fifty5 life is a lifestyle that embraces the best in each of us.

Embrace the River. Embrace YOU!