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We are proud of our cold brew coffee.  We spent countless hours and trials through taste testings with coffee and non coffee drinkers to identify the best possible blends and single origins.

In addition to a leadership theme of naming our blends we decided to leave the original blend IDs, for example 102 and 180.  When we found blends we loved it was time to taste test them.

We held taste testings with family and friends to identify the ones they liked best. The first 2 blends we decided to bring to this site is Connection 102 and Introspection 180 which most rated in their top 3 choices and appealed to both coffee and non coffee drinkers alike. 

Some comments made by our tasters to describe these blends included:

Connection 102

"Mild, refreshing, not too heavy", "clean coffee flavor and not bitter", "would be a good choice because of the natural sweetness", many tasters identified the chocolaty smell and taste.

Introspection 180

"Very Smooth", "stronger tasting cold brew but with a light aftertaste", a couple of tasters identified a brown sugar taste and smell.

Decafinition 253

A honey processed and then mountain water processed decaf.  The taste is amazing!

Cafinition 353

100% Robusta which is naturally twice the caffeine of Arabica beans.  Need we say more?

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Embrace the taste!