Retail Hours: Please review our journal for our brewing schedule and retail hours for the Winter Season.

Retail Hours: Please review our journal for our brewing schedule and retail hours for the Winter Season.

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Thank you for choosing our cold brew bean blend kit.  Here are instructions on how to get started with our kit:

  1. Clean your jar with dish soap and make sure it is thoroughly rinsed out.
  2. Use one of the bag filters provided and dump the coarsely ground beans into the filter.
  3. Tie off the filter, then roll the tied off filter down and tie off again.  You want to make sure no grounds can get into your brewing water.
  4. We recommend starting with 29 ounces of spring water (850 ml), we prefer Ice Mountain.  You can measure this in a measuring cup or weigh it. Our preference is weighing it for accuracy purposes.
  5. Once the water is in your brewing jar, place the filter with the beans into your jar.  Make sure you get the grounds wet. You can massage the grounds, just be careful not to get any grounds into the water.
  6. Once the grounds are wet, let steep at room temperature for 18 hours.
  7. Once steeping is complete, take the bag of grounds out of the water (you may squeeze some of the liquid out of the grounds). You can compost the grounds and recycle the filter.
  8. You should have approximately 19 ounces of cold brew concentrate.  You can use concentrate in various recipes for cooking and coffee related drinks.
  9. A concentrate can be strong to consume on its own, which is why we recommend diluting it with water.  This is your choice in terms of water ratios: 1:1 or 1:2 or 1:3. We have found a 1:2 to work well. Assuming you are using a 1:2, add 38 ounces of Spring water to your jar.
  10. For the best shelf life, we recommend immediately refrigerating the cold brew coffee.  Although there are many variables on how long cold brew coffee will remain tasteful, we recommend consuming within a week for best results.  After 2 weeks you should discard any unused cold brew coffee.

 Quick Reference Guide

  • 6 ounces of coarse ground cold brew coffee bean blend
  • Steep for 18 hours to produce a cold brew concentrate yields about 19 ounces
  • Ratios:
    • 1:1 add 19 ounces of spring water
    • 1:2 add 38 ounces of spring water (recommended)
    • 1:3 add 57 ounces of spring water
  • The used grounds can be composted along with our bag (less the tin tie) and the filter can be recycled