Retail Hours: Please review our journal for our brewing schedule and retail hours for the Winter Season.

Retail Hours: Please review our journal for our brewing schedule and retail hours for the Winter Season.

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Can you identify your perspective?

As a small business owner it is our role to lead our company. Understanding yourself will help your company become more successful. One of the ways you can understand yourself better is by understanding your perspective. Your perspective is what you believe and what has gotten you as far as where you are now; but, they could also be the very thing holding you back.

As small business owners we have gotten accustomed to "pivoting" and we pivot quite often. Our lives are always changing and we have to learn to adapt. As we learn new data, that information may affect decisions we have already made and it may mean we need to alter previous decisions and move onto a different path. When we pivot we have to be aware and accepting of the information that is presented to us and try our best to not see this new information through our normal perspective.  If we evaluate this new information through our normal perspective, this could be what is holding your business from reaching its fullest potential.  

Sometimes I call this perspective the curse of knowledge. We see the world through our past experiences and our expertise. Sometimes this is extremely helpful, while other times it can get in the way of the true path. For example, think about what you do for a living. There is undoubtedly industry jargon you use on a daily basis that is commonly spoken within your industry. To an outsider, it might was well be Greek or a language they do not speak or understand. You may see this as odd or frustrating when you have to explain it to someone. What you are experiencing is the curse of knowledge. You understand and perceive something in a way that someone else does not. This forces you to see the world in a different way or a new perspective. The person that does not know your jargon will also have a different perspective because you have explained something to them that at first they did not understand. It does not mean their perspective is wrong, it just means their perspective is different. Your goal should be to seek a different view and perspective to see if it gives you any additional insight on a decision you need to make as well as enlighten others on the world around them.