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How our cold brew coffee caffeine content compares

Earlier this year we decided to have our caffeine content tested on our core 4 cold brew coffee offerings (Connection 102, Introspection 180, Decafinition 253, and Cafinition 353).

While the results are listed on the respective product pages, it is always more fun to graph the information and compare it against other beverages. This also gives you an idea how companies market various comparisons to other types of coffee (making it an apples to oranges comparison vs an apples to apples comparison). When we first started our cold brew journey it was often inferred, as it still is at times, that cold brew coffee yields twice the caffeine; we find ourselves now asking the question in comparison to what?  So we decided to show a true apples to apples comparison by giving the caffeine per ounce.


Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew Coffee comparisons to other beverages, comparing by the ounce and comparing by a 12 ounce serving