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Connection 102 - Cold Brew Coffee Bean Blend

About this cold brew coffee bean blend:

Our Connection 102 Cold Brew Coffee Bean Blend is a smooth 3 bean blend with hints of hazel and caramel, bathed in chocolate. Connection is a dark roast blend from Guatemala and Mexico that is hot air roasted by a Sivetz built Fluid-Bed Roaster. Our coffee roaster is committed to Fair Trade Coffee and has been certified Fair Trade Coffee since 1999.

Does it have to be served as cold brew coffee?

No, we have tried this as an espresso, and it was great!  Just remember our ground option is coarse ground, so make sure you order whole bean if you want to experiment with this blend.

Why call our cold brew coffee bean blend: Connection 102?

We believe in empathetic connections. Whether that means sharing your favorite dark roast brew with your community or listening to a new perspective, true leaders form connections with an open heart and an open mind.

What does the 102 mean?

We performed a lot of tests of our cold brew coffee bean blends to find the best tasting blend. 102 was the ID we had assigned to this blend before getting the Connection 102 moniker. We wanted to acknowledge the iterative work performed to find this particular blend and decided to keep the batch number associated with the blend that was preferred in our taste tests.

What is special about our packaging?

Our packaging is 100% compostable according to industrial standard EN13432 which includes the bag, valve, labels and adhesive. Just be sure to remove the tin tie before composting.