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Assembling and using the Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew 2L Nitro Cold Brew Keg System

Before first use of the Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew 2L Nitro Cold Brew Keg System

Please clean the mini keg, cap, spear body, faucet and cold brew hose with warm water and mild soap.

1. Pour a maximum of 1.5 L of ready to drink cold brew in the mini keg.

1.5 L flowing into 2 L mini keg from pouchCold brew pouring from jar into 2 L mini keg

 Notes: Total liquid volume is 60 - 70% of keg capacity. Total keg capacity is 2 L leaving 1.2 L to 1.5 L for cold brew.  Space is needed to allow for the N2 or N2O gas injection.

2. Cut cold brew hose according to keg height (9 inches is recommended).

Correct length of how in relation to the mini keg 9 inch hose for the mini keg

 Notes: If hose is too short, cold brew will not be fully dispensed. If the cold brew hose is too long it may crimp and not dispense correctly.

3. Push cut cold brew hose onto spear bottom.

Step 1 of attaching hose to spearStep 2 of attaching hose to spear assemblyStep 3 - Final step of what the hose attached to spear assembly look like

4. Screw spear assembly onto mini keg.

 Screwing spear head into mini kegSpear head attached to the mini keg

5. Screw black plastic tap handle onto faucet.

Placing black plastic cap on handleThreading black plastic cap on handlePlastic black cap placed on handle

6. Install faucet into spear, make sure the connection proper and tight. Otherwise it will leak.

 Installing faucet onto the spear assemblyThreading faucet onto the spear assemblyFaucet properly placed on spear assembly

7. Place 8 g nonthreaded N2 or N2O cartridge into black cartridge holder.

 Placing cartridge into black cartridge holder

8. Connect the cartridge holder to the spear by screwing into the appropriate location. Listen for a “whistle”, this indicates the cartridge has been pierced and the gas has been injected into the cold brew. Be sure to continue tightening the holder so there are no leaks.

N2 or N20 cartridge properly attached to mini keg nitro system for cold brew

9. Shake the mini keg, this will help mix the cold brew and the gas. After shaking place mini keg into refrigerator for a minimum of one hour.

Shake mini keg to help mix the cold and the gas (N2 or N2O)

10. Remove the mini keg system from refrigerator and place on a stable surface, place glass to the nozzle and then pull the handle to the front slowly.

11. Enjoy your nitro cold brew.

Enjoy your nitro cold brew using our 2 L Mini Keg Nitro System

 Notes: When the last of the cold brew is gone from the mini keg, please pull the faucet handle forward to completely remove the gas before unscrewing the spear assembly.