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Company Background

Company Background

JKLM Franchises LLC has been in business since July 2007. Originally the company held the asset of Pet Butler Dayton (a franchise in Dayton, Ohio). In June of 2016, James and Lynne successfully sold the assets of their Pet Butler Dayton franchise (primarily the franchise agreement, marketing material, goodwill, and client list).

In January of 2018, James and Lynne decided to use the JKLM Franchises LLC that was from their original business and create Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew as a DBA. The branding and mission was developed during 2018. Fifty5 Rivers possessed the ability to do business to business transactions by the end of 2018. The ecommerce site was officially launched in the first quarter of 2019. The ecommerce site offered cold brew coffee bean blends and do-it-yourself at home cold brew coffee kits. In addition to providing a great product, James and Lynne also wanted their business to satisfy a life long goal of giving back to the community through establishing an entrepreneurial leadership program for young adults. They soon rewrote the operating agreement of their LLC to be a social enterprise. The couple then decided to dedicate 20-50% of their profits to their entrepreneurial leadership program. The Mowery’s knew their next step was to find a facility that allowed them to produce ready to drink cold brew coffee and tea. The location of their own would also allow for a place to host programs for their entrepreneurial leadership program.

Adhering to this strategy, a building located in Fairborn, OH was acquired on August 1, 2019 and through renovations will be the first processing facility for Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew known as The Innovation Lab. During renovations the Mowery family nicknamed the building  “The Turtle” because the outside framework reminded them of a turtle with its shell.  Through renovations, The Innovation Lab’s second floor has been tailored towards an education and collaborative working space. In addition to supporting the entrepreneurial leadership program, it has the capacity to support various training programs. The second floor can host classes, business strategy sessions, and coffee related competitions. The Innovation Lab renovations throughout the building are finally complete! The grand opening of The Innovation Lab is August 1, 2020.

Upon grand opening, Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew will produce cold crafted cold brew coffee and tea for consumers and businesses alike. Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew offers ready to drink cold brew coffee and tea in convenient on the go pouches from 750 ml to 3 L bags as well as a “bag-in-box” up to 20L. Although there is ready to drink cold brew, customers may also opt to buy do-it-yourself cold brew home kits for coffee and tea.