Retail Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10 AM till 6 PM or by appointment.

When it comes to recycling, we have two initiatives for recycling our product.
The first is our bean bags. Our bean bag packaging is 100% compostable according to industrial standard EN13432 which includes the bag, valve, labels and adhesive. Just be sure to remove the tin tie before composting. 

 A spent grounds bin has been placed outside of Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew. Spent grounds* will be available seasonally (Spring, Summer, Fall) for the community to pick up used coffee grounds during our normal business hours for the following purposes:

• Mix with soil as fertilizer to gardens (adds Nitrogen)
• Use as mulch to keep soil moist and prevent weeds
• Add to home compost pile with other scraps
• Repels Pest - Sprinkle wherever you want to get rid of bugs or rodents
• As an abrasive cleaning agent

     *Not intended for reuse in a consumable food, drink, or hygiene product**

    Community Accessible Composting Bin
    The spent grounds bin was built by Nathan C. as part of his Eagle Scout Project in conjunction with the Fairborn Sustainability Committee and the Community Compost Project to benefit the community and help kickstart the community composting project.