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Here are a few tips and tricks when troubleshooting the 2 L Nitro Cold Brew Keg System.

The issue: The faucet is leaking.

Possible solution: Try tightening the 4 hole nut on cross bar spear.

The issue: Spear cross-bar is leaking.

Possible solution: Tighten the nut under the spear body

The issue: There is no foaming head, no cascade of the cold brew.

Possible solution: Too much cold brew, a maximum of 1.5 L

The issue: The gas leaking when rotating the cartridge holder.

Possible solution: Under normal circumstances, a little gas will escape from the hole in the bottom of the cartridge holder. As the cartridge holder is being tightened, upon hearing the “whistle”, tighten quickly to decrease the amount of gas escaping.
Another possible solution: The issue could be the cartridge is the incorrect size. The neck length can be a factor as well.  Please use known name brand whipped cream chargers.