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Ohio River Foundation Partnership

Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew made the easy decision to partner with the Ohio River Foundation in 2021. 1% for the Planet has a matching service; we submitted what is important to us when identifying a partner and they provided a list of potential non-profits. Ohio River Foundation was one of the potential partners. Upon review and discussion with the Ohio River Foundation we believe we have found an excellent partner.

Through our involvement in the industry, participation in Coffee Trade Shows and research we noted that on average it is reported that from the time that coffee plants are placed in the ground the amount of water required to grow the beans for 1 cup of coffee is 37 gallons. has an article which outlines  How much Water Is in Our Food? With the 108 gallons of water needed to brew a gallon of tea and the 1,056 gallons of water needed to brew a gallon of coffee. In processing our cold brew beverages, we are water intensive as well.

Our business in the Miami Valley is located on top of the Great Miami River Watershed. When looking for a nonprofit organization to support, partnering with the Ohio River Foundation makes perfect sense. Fifty5 Rivers is excited to partner with the ORF in their goal to restore and protect the Ohio River watershed.